Cook What You've Got

Cook What You've Got

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Using what’s in season and having a well stocked pantry is the best way to cook healthy, unprocessed food without breaking your budget. Believe me, in this book I share the dire straits position that got me to a place to come up with this budget-friendly plan.

There are four sections that can be intermingled to create almost a month’s worth of meals:

  • Super Starters – These sauces and seasoning blends are the starting point to easy meals. Make them up on the weekend to make quick dinners just as easy as picking up processed foods in a box or can but so much healthier.

  • Dinner’s Done – Substantial and infinitely varied, these recipes will be the foundation to weekday dinners.

  • Meal Makers – Side dishes are not very glamorous, but they make a slab of meat into a meal. Many of these recipes can be made up on the weekend and heated as needed throughout the week.

  • Basic Breads – This isn’t hardcore bread baking but few simple recipes to keep up your sleeve to use as budget-friendly (and still healthy) filler for growing kids, especially boys.

  • Simple Sweets – As the section name implies, these are easy treats to throw together when you are having an informal dinner party or a sleepover for kids.