Everyday Mexican

Everyday Mexican

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In the US, Mexican cuisine is synonymous with heavy food full of carbs and cheese. Everyday Mexican will give you tons of fresh and flavorful recipes that highlight the cuisine of Mexico while not making you feel stuffed.

There are four sections that can be intermingled to create almost a month’s worth of meals:

  1. Antojitos y Ensaladas (Appetizers and Salads) – This is where the freshness of Mexican Cuisine shines. You will notice fruits and veggies star in most of these!

  2. Salsas (Sauces) – Either cooked or raw, this variety of salsas and their variety of uses alone will keep you on top of your Mexican cuisine game!

  3. Plato Fuerte (Main Dish) – You need something to serve under the salsa, right? These are the make ahead components that will become the foundation of a Fresh Mex meal.

  4. Postre y Bebida (Dessert and Drink) – The finishing touches for your meal.