Kitchen Essentials


These are my essentials to make it possible to truly enjoy cooking in your own kitchen. Check off the things you have and then we can see what you will need. They are all set up in Amazon so you can buy what you need. I do make a tiny commission when you use these links, but it doesn’t change your price at all. In fact, I’ve made this list with a tight budget in  mind and hand-picked each item that had the best rating/price ratio.

Food Storage

If you are wanting to make your life easier by using the Simply Real Food™ concept, then you will definitely want to have plenty of storage containers. I am giving you options of plastic or glass depending on your preference. Please contact me if you have any questions. Amounts listed are minimums, you may want to have extras in case you end up with some of the containers still in use (freezer for instance) when you are ready for the next week’s prep.

  • Glass (Note: Jars are cheaper by the case. See notes next to each)
    • 11 cup Pyrex Glass Dishes – You will need 4 for SRF
    • 6 up Pyrex Glass Dishes – You will need 5 for SRF     
    • 32 oz Jars (case of 12) – Order on Amazon for convenience, but really Target is cheaper by far. For make ahead salads see below for plastic alternative.
    • 4 oz jars (case of 12) – Very useful as prep bowls, dip containers for snacks and to hold small amounts of prepped ingredients. Target or JoAnn’s Fabrics have the better prices.
    • 16 oz wide mouth jars (case of 12)- For dressings and sauces. Impossible to find on Amazon Prime, but I have purchased at Target several times.
    • Wide Mouth Pour Spouts (pack of 3) – Genius way to convert jar to a dressing container.
  •  Plastic

Other Equipment you will need

No need to buy everything at once (unless you just want a kitchen overhaul!) I have listed them in the order of how much I use them especially for the Simply Real Food™ Plan.

There are certainly other things, but with these you can make almost anything. So, get real and get cooking!