Simply Real Food Cooking Class

Simply Real Food Cooking Class


I am so excited to offer you my newest class and the most practical method I have found to get ahead of the "what's for dinner" curve for the week. It will provide lots of delicious options for your family and avoid a marathon of cooking casseroles or crockpot meals and the necessary freezer space for the results.

You will learn my plan for pre-cooking proteins and prepping other fresh ingredients so you can combine them throughout the week to make quick breakfasts, on-the-go lunches and a variety of dinners. I can now throw together a freshly made, real food dinner in just a few minutes each night.

During class, you will enjoy a glass of wine while I show you the ropes:

•Prep all of a week’s components right in front of you

•Combine them in different ways to make a variety of meals

•Serve you samples of each (come hungry…it will be a full meal)

•Give you all my tips and tricks along the way

•Answer any questions you have



Class Fee Includes

•2 ½ hours class instruction

•All food and beverages

•3 month Access to Member’s Only Area of Website (or discount on annual fee)

•“Simply Real Food” Folder full of resources

•All recipes presented in class

•Dinner Planning Tool

•My Master List for Healthy Prepared Foods

•Grocery List for Basics to Keep on Hand

•List of Equipment I find Helpful