I don’t care how fast it is, how healthy it is or how beautiful it is, I want what I eat to be delicious.

I have tried lots of shortcuts for dinner. Early on before I knew better, I used processed foods to get dinner on the table quickly. Then I tried slow cooker prepping. I had freezer bags full of fresh ingredients frozen and ready to dump into my slow cooker. YUK!! I've tried Once a Month cooking and was completely exhausted after a 8-10 hour marathon session only to be disappointed when I cooked or rewarmed the food. It was just not good.

Whether it's a meal prep plan, a diet or a restaurant (Molecular Gastronomy houses I'm looking at you!) my motto always is "It has to be delicious!" It doesn't matter how beautiful something is, how quick it is to make or how healthy it is supposed to be for me, I will walk away from it if it isn't completely YUMMY! Food is meant to be enjoyed, not endured, right?

What exactly is Simply Real Food™?

Simply Real Food™ is a method for looking at dinner prep a little differently. Rather than me giving you a bunch of recipes and a different grocery list you have to keep up with, I am providing you with a plan using basically the same ingredients each week. The plan will walk through preparing components for meals from the items on the grocery list and then you can put them together however it works best for your family each week. I will give you tons of ideas to get you started and will eventually have a subscription service to give you even more tools.

What does the Simply Real Food™ plan entail?

With SRF, you will get a full grocery list as well as a weekly prep plan. The basic plan includes cooking proteins, preparing sauces and other flavoring agents and prepping fresh veggies that will be turned into delicious, freshly made meals throughout the workweek. Using only 3-4 hours (the more you do this, the less time it will take) on a weekend, you will find yourself with a fridge full of beautiful, real food ready to be assembled throughout the week into quick and easy dinners. As part of the weekend prep plan, I will also give you instructions for assembling lunches and breakfasts for the week.

What if my family doesn't like the meals?

The plan gives you a very basic and versatile grocery list and there will be options for each week's meals. For instance, if your family likes the typical meat plus veggie dinner, you're good to go. I will provide you with a basic example of how to use the components each week to make dinners that will make the most OCD "nothing-touching" plate lover happy. You want to mix it up and have interesting, diverse meals using the same components? Let's be adventurous together!

Are the recipes complicated?

My main goal is to free you from recipes and make mealtime fun even for the person creating the meals. I have seen many people get frustrated and decide they dislike cooking because of the system they use. Menus are planned based on recipes found in magazines, online or even in beautiful cookbooks. The grocery list is complex and includes lots of specialty ingredients. Before you even begin cooking each night, you have to round up the recipes from the publication or websites, not to mention making sure you print them or keep them open somehow, then you have to chop lots of ingredients and put together a new recipe each night. It's quite a production and tomorrow at 5pm, it will start again.

Yep, I would be frustrated, too! Dinner took an hour and a half to make (fine for a relaxed Saturday dinner party, not fine on a busy Tuesday school night), the family didn't love it because it was something totally different and those specialty ingredients? They are never used again because the whole process became such a headache, and this leads to wasted money.

Now, truly, I hate to even call what I am creating with Simply Real Food™ recipes. They are really directions for pulling your prepped components together and you will find that after awhile, you won't even need or want to depend on recipes anymore. (By the way, I am still trying to think of a good name for this process instead of recipes. Any ideas?)

How do I get started?

Simply join TablaVie for free. You will get the whole plan with a grocery list and the weekend plan as well as a few ideas for using the components. That's it. If you want more guidance each week, we will soon have a subscription plan for a small monthly or annual fee. Each week will have a few different ingredients and components (switch up sauces, seasonings, veggies, cooking methods for meats) plus different ways to use those components, but the basic prep plan will remain the same - Cook proteins, make sauces, prep veggies then put them together throughout the week. 

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