Book Review: OOLA (For Women) - Find Balance in an Unbalanced World


Goals, Dreams, Passion, Future...I don't know about you but everywhere I turn I see these themes. One fateful day a few weeks ago through a random email, along comes the opportunity to read and review this book by the OOLA guys - Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl - and I could no longer ignore this trend in themes. One explosive sentence came to mind.


You know that phenomenon when you buy a new car... and suddenly it's everywhere? Since the beginning of this year, that's how it's been with these themes. Two of my very best friends are successful life/executive coaches; one is a certified Daring Way (as in Brene Brown) facilitator and the other is an executive coach that jet-sets all over the country working with celebrities and the tippy-top of the 1%. Two other friends are well-known international speakers who focus on dream achievement with a spiritual bent. They are all great at either personally challenging me or posting encouraging messages on Facebook that are challenging. Friends everywhere seem to be posting about their adventures in life - going back to school, taking long-awaited trips or building great businesses. On top of it all, whether they are written to be or not, it seems like every movie I have watched and every book I have picked up has reminded me that dreaming, goal-seting and living out your passions are as essential to true living as breathing. This book not only fell into this dream but has actually given me the tools to move foward and away from my pity party rut I have been living in.

First off...What is OOLA?

It is a word created by Troy Amdahl and Dave Braun meaning "A state of awesomeness" or in other words when all areas of your life are in balance. These guys have been sharing this message for years and now they have completed a follow up to their original book - OOLA: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World strictly for and about women and the struggles they have overcome to achieve OOLA.


The OOLA guys use the letter "F" to concisely list the key areas of life that need balance for us to live a happy, low-stress life - Fitness, Finance, Family, Field, Faith, Friends and Fun - and then proceed to show how this can be done, complete with the tools to do so. Incorporating real, touching stories of women, they show true examples of how one moment (or "20 seconds") can change our lives for the better.

Full Review

About a month ago, I was contacted with the opportunity to read this book and do a review. I remembered watching a video by Troy and Dave a few years ago when they were talking about achieving your goals in business in association with Young Living Essential Oils. Though I decided not to pursue the path of building a business with Young Living (but am an avid user) I remembered this video. When they asked me if I wanted to be one of the limited number of people that had this opportunity I very quickly said "yes! "

Little did I know that OOLA for Women was going to be the catalyst that sent me from "thinking"about all the things that needed to change to actually doing something about them.

Truthfully, I have really always loved change. I looked forward to each new school year anticipating new friends and new classes. I love moving because it means I get a new start on organizing (I'm not the best at this) and a clean slate on a clean house (not my forte either). I love travel because it's constant change.

Then a decade ago, actually 10 years ago today, my husband and I decided to make a really big change. We were invited to go to Northern California to create a meal - I'm a private chef and he's the perfect Sous Chef - for two of those friends I mentioned earlier who were wanting a fabulous dinner to pair with a case of well-aged French wines. This meal, little did we know, would culiminate a year of exploring their dreams with 4 other couples. We now call it the dream dinner because it caused us to do the UNTHINKABLE.

Three short months after we went to California for that dinner, we sold our house and moved to California from Texas with no job and no house simply because we had dreamed of immersing ourselves in the food and wine culture. You see, we had a few days there while doing the dinner and fell in love. In the six years that followed of us living there after making that unthinkable decision, we lost literally every dime we had and have since had to make some tough choices in order to recover. BUT we LOVED every minute of living there and don't regret any part of it.

How does this align with a book review?

Those subsequent tough choices also caused me to shut down my dream mechanism that had led us to that point. We had to move back to a less than inspiring place geographically and our kids are now at the age that we have to truly consider their needs rather than just pack up the truck and move like we did when they were 4 and 8. I had stopped dreaming and it didn't take long upon starting to read this book before I realized it was time to do the work and get my life back on track to living passionately and fearlessly .

"Life is a great teacher. If you listen, your experiences can direct your path."

Nuggets like these are constant throughout this book, interwoven with inspiring quotes at the beginning of each chapter and true stories from people the OOLA guys have encountered on their VW surf bus tour at the end of each chapter. Divided into five sections, the first section is a basic Intro and the last provides tools to to help you evaluate where you are, where you want to go and what steps to take to get you there. The other three sections have seven chapters each corresponding to the series of "F" Words (And yes, this pun does come up in the book.). The first of the three outlines each of the seven "Fs" and what balance can look like. The second and third describe in detail with personal stories how OOLA Blockers and OOLA Accelerators affect us. OOLA Blockers are those hurdles we will encounter and must overcome in order to reach our balanced lives. OOLA Accelerators are those elements that help propel us towards our goals, dreams and ultimately a balanced life .

I had no idea what to expect from this book and truthfully didn't expect to be one of the ones the OOLA guys chose to receive a book and review it. The cover is very unassuming and there are very few graphics, but what I have gleaned from it, especially the personal stories of strong women everywhere has truly changed my life path. I'm so thankful they chose me and thankful for these tools.

Here is one of my OOLA goals from the first chapter on Fitness: Lose 15 pounds! Stay tuned as I go down this path learning how to take what I know about nutrition and cooking and see how I do it!

I highly recommend that you pre-order and start your OOLA journey ASAP. To get your hands on a copy, click on the book below your favorite bookseller to take you there to buy it:











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NOTE: This book was sent free to me for my review.  Everything you have read are my own thoughts and opinions.